How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

New oil being poured into engine

Keeping your car well maintained is how you’ll stay on the road well into the future. Genesis of Golden often hears lots of questions like “how often should you change your oil?” That question depends on what type of car you drive and what your driving style is like, and Genesis of Golden has the answers you’re looking for. Count on us to answer your oil change frequency questions and don’t forget to schedule service with us if you want your Lakewood car taken care of right.

Oil Change Frequency Recommendations

How often should you change your oil? You’ll want to check your owner’s manual, but generally, you’ll want to change your oil every 7,000 to 10,000 miles. However, if you do any of these things in Westminster, you’ll want to get your oil changed more often:

  • Off-roading
  • Commercial use
  • Racing
  • Heavy towing

Oil Change Frequency Facts

Here are some oil change tips you’ll want to consider. If you have any further questions, be sure to talk to our service professionals here at Genesis of Golden.

  1. Your owner’s manual will tell you if your Westminster car takes synthetic or conventional oil.
  2. Oil will eventually break down, even if you don’t drive the car consistently. If you don’t drive often, be sure to change it at least twice a year.
  3. Make sure you change your oil filter when you get your oil changed. Talk to our parts experts today!

How Often Should You Check Your Oil Level?

Does oil level matter? It certainly does. You will want to check your oil level at least once a month to make sure no problems arise. Your oil’s color and texture might change in this time and if that happens, that’s a sign you need to take your car in to be serviced. Arvada Genesis drivers trust Genesis of Golden because we use the right oil for your car. We’re Genesis certified!

Genesis of Golden Will Fix Your Car Right

Ready to get your car fixed or just need that routine maintenance? Take your car up to Genesis of Golden and trust the experts to get the job done right. We’ve got Genesis certified technicians who can take on any challenge facing your car. Contact us today!

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